Xue Xue Institute is an Experimental Education Institute that conforms to the requirements of Enforcement Act for Non-school-Based Experimental Education, which the education level is equal to regular high schools. Xue Xue Institute’s qualification is accredited by the Ministry of Education in Taiwan and registered with the Taipei City Government. It was established in 2017 on the grounds that teenagers of generation Z and millennials now have access to a wide variety of information, and that they no longer access that information in a traditional manner. Instead, the way they receive information is diverse, experimental, deep, interdisciplinary and immediate, and thus they need a more experimental and innovative approach to learning. Therefore, Xue Xue resolved to establish the Xue Xue Institute for high school students. Xue Xue Institute aims to cultivate in students a sense of aesthetics through interdisciplinary courses, international perspectives, philanthropic interests, legal and financial knowledge and the ability to interpret their own culture. We hope they can learn to perceive their world through a synesthesia of the five senses, creating interdisciplinary works, expressing themselves confidently, and employing digital marketing strategies, all with the aim of preparing them for a global life. These are the focuses of Xue Xue Institute.


Xue Xue Institute offers both “Multi-Learning” and “Inter-disciplinary Learning” Experiences that aim to stimulate students’ innate senses of Synesthesia and Serendipity.


Originating from Ancient Greek, σύν(syn),"togetherness",and αἴσθησις(aisthēsis),"sense", Synesthesia is a perceptual phenomenon in which stimulation of one sensory or cognitive pathway leads to automatic, involuntary experiences in a second sensory or cognitive pathway. The most important talents in the future are talents with a high artistic sensibility and, perhaps most importantly, this sense of Synesthesia. Through “Multi-Learning Experiences”, students can broaden their 5 senses and perceptions of life, developing their own sense of aesthetics.

Originating from ancient Persian mythology, the word “Serendipity” means the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way, using wisdom to transform opportunity into skills and abilities. The most important talents in the future are talents with the power of imagination. Through “Inter-disciplinary Learning Experiences”, students gain inspiration and creativity from the different opportunities presented to them.


・To have the ability to understand oneself and determine one’s interests
・To have the ability to appreciate aesthetics and create a personal style
・To have the ability to integrate and combine a diverse network of contacts
・To have the ability to think in a humanistic way and express oneself confidently
・To have the ability to think and resolve problems independently
・To have the ability to plan proposals and prepare for entrepreneurship
・To have the ability to move internationally and interact across borders
・To have the ability to deal with life’s various aspects and understand social etiquette


・To become a creator who has a sense of synesthesia and is able to create an aesthetic experience
・To become an integrator who is able to integrate diverse cultural and creative resources
・To become a researcher who deeply understands international trends and the social pulse
・To become a multi-disciplinary connoisseur who is able to determine various styles
・To become an operator who is able to use art and design to transform enterprises
・To become an entrepreneur who is able to develop new industries equipped with financial and legal knowledge
・To become a pioneer who is able to make use of marketing strategies and creative thinking
・To become a virtuous person who is able to think philosophically and cares about the underprivileged