We aim to help teenagers who love design, arts and the humanities to develop their abilities and vocational aptitude for the future. Therefore, we offer “Multi-Learning Experiences”, “Interdisciplinary Learning Experiences” and “Learner-Centered Curriculum” courses, inviting practitioners and experts from various fields in the cultural and creative industries, both at home and abroad, to participate in the curriculum design. We hope to motivate students' many interests and their creativity; to cultivate their ability to grasp international trends, organize resources, make use of marketing strategies and, finally, become a creator with their own sense of synesthesia and aesthetics.


Xue Xue Institute provides courses similar to pre-degree courses in art and design colleges, including foundations in Art and Design and basic courses combining liberal arts, design, media and marketing.

The first year—Liberal Arts Education & Aptitude Courses

Students in the first year regardless of age and grade are freshmen. All courses are compulsory and school starts from 8: 30-17: 00. The curriculum includes two basic categories: "Liberal Arts Education" and "Aptitude Courses (Art, Design, Humanity and Social Science)”, in order to lay the foundation for future learning. At the same time, this allows students to explore various fields of cultural creative industries as an important reference for future career options. The "Liberal Arts Education" includes subjects such as English, literature, physical education, philosophy, chromatology, finance, and law, all of which fall within the fields of humanities and social science, knowledge and skills, and art and design. These courses offer three years of continuous learning, and students have to gain a certain number of credits.

The 2nd & 3rd year—Liberal Arts Education & Advanced Courses

The "Aptitude Courses" includes various design, art, and social science, as well as brand marketing courses that are inseparable from the design industry. The aptitude courses are for tenth graders to explore their interests in the field, in order to further study the subject in the "Advanced Courses" (G11-12 development) in the second and third year.

The "Advanced Courses" is a learner-centered curriculum. Every semester, we provide different courses based on the career orientations of the current students. Over the years, we have offered courses in design, marketing, social science, art, and music. "Advanced Courses" are taught by lecturers who are practitioners or experts in this field (designers, marketing consultants, writers, artists, music producers…and more) for the purpose of building students' professional knowledge, and to enable them to accumulate a portfolio of work and projects. In addition, students can learn about the actual working environment and market from the experiences of the lecturers, as a reference for their future career planning.

After completing the curriculum at high school level in Xue Xue Institute, the overall learning results will be reviewed by the Taipei City Government. If the students’ learning meets the high school equivalent academic qualifications, a government-accepted graduation diploma for completing high school education will be provided.

Liberal Arts Education

Aptitude Courses (Art, Design, Humanity and Social Science)

Art Aptitude Discovery
Architecture Workshop
Art Curation Lecture
Basic Photography
Basic Painting & Art Creation
Basic Performing Art
Basic Interior Design
Basic Fashion Design
Brand Marketing
Critical Thinking & Design
Digital Design & Presentation
Introduction to Craft Design
Introduction to Art Therapy
Introduction to Sustainable Design
Introduction to Film Making
Introduction to Music Composition
Introduction to Conceptual Design
Three-Dimensional Art
Illustration & Design
Material Inquiry
Graphic Design
Painting Techniques
Rock Band Sessions

Advanced Courses (Art, Design, Humanity and Social Science)

Courses offered to students according to their needs

Food Design
Product Design
Advanced Photography
Advanced Performing Art
Advanced Film Making
Advanced Illustration
Advanced Calligraphy
Advanced Craft Design
Advanced Fashion Design
Advanced Graphic Design
Advanced Conceptual Design
Advanced Architectural Design
Advanced Music Composition
Advanced Painting & Art Creation
Architecture Workshop
Brand Marketing II
Fashion Design Workshop

Contract Instructors

Aside from full-time instructors and staff (listed on the Faculty page), we invite artists, designers, practitioners and lecturers to provide a greater diversity of courses for students.

Alex Feng/ BA, Fine Arts, Art Center College of Design, USA
Anas Chao/ BA, Department of Industrial Product Design, Shih Chien University, TW
Axiou Lin/ MS, Building and Planning, National Taiwan University, TW
Chao Fu Hsu/ MA, Fine Arts, National Taiwan Normal University, TW
Chen-Dao Lee/ MA, Fine Art, National Taiwan Normal University, TW
Chen-Wei Hung/ MSc, Language Teaching, University of Edinburgh, UK
Chien-Hung Lin/ Co-Founder of Tim & Ahung Studio
Ching Ting Hsu/ BA, Industrial Design, Shih Chien University, TW
Chun-Ting Wu/ Co-Founder of Tim & Ahung Studio
Chung Ping Hung/ MA, Architecture, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, TW
Chung Kuang Chen/ MSA, Department of Accounting, National Chengchi University, TW
Cotton Hsu/ MA, Fine Art, Central Saint Martins, UAL, UK
Fang Jen Lin/ MFA, Applied Media Art, National Taiwan University of Arts, TW
Guo Hong Ding/ Australian Le Cordon Bleu School of Food Melbourne, AU
Han Chiao Huang/ MA, History, National Taiwan Normal University, TW
Han Lee/ BA, Graphic Design, Central Saint Martins, UAL, UK
Han Tsai/ MA, Fine Art, Chelsea College of Arts, UK
Henry Cha/ MBA, Business Administration in International Commerce, Tamkang University, TW
Huie Chen Chan/ ACE, Adult and Continuing Education, National Chung Cheng University, TW
Ian Hsieh/ MA, Fine Art, Central Saint Martins, UAL, UK
I-Jung Chang/ BS, Accounting, National Chengchi University, TW
Jay Peng/ MA, Graphic and Communication Design, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, AU
Jenn Lee/ BA, Fashion Design Technology, London College of Fashion, UAL, UK
Jorinde Jankowski/ MA, Cultural and Creative Industries, King’s College London, UK
Jui Ting Hsi/ BA, Design, Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti Milano, IT
Kai-Ling Hsu/ MA, Animation and Illustration, Kingston University, UK
/ MA, Design Management for Fashion Industry, London College of Fashion, UAL, UK
Kuo-Sheng Chiang/ BA, School of Theatre, Taipei National University of the Arts, TW
Li-Ya Cheng/ MA, Fashion Design, Central Saint Martins, UAL, UK
Li Yao Cheng/ M.D., Institute of Fashion and Communications Design, Shi Chien University, TW
Matthew Townend/ BA, Literature, University of Exeter, UK/ Post Graduate Certificate of Education, Oxford University, UK
Paul Gong/ MA, Design Interaction, Royal College of Art, UK
Pei Hua Tsai/ MDes, SCI-Arc, Southern California Institute of Architecture, USA
Pei Yu Liao/ BA, Communication Design, Swinburne University of Technology Melbourne Australia & FH Mainz Germany, AUS & DE
Pili Wu/ MA, Industrial Product Design, Shih Chien University, TW
Shen Chi/ MA, Art and Film Studies, University of Essex, UK
Shiang Tzao/ MA, Department of German Language and Culture, Fu Jen University, TW
Shu Wei Huang/ Fda, Fashion Styling and Photography, London College of Fashion, UAL, UK
Si Ruan/ BA, Social Welfare, Hsuan Chuang University, TW
T.C. Chen/ BA, Fashion Knitwear Design, Central Saint Martins, UAL, UK
Tien-Tai Wu/ Künstlerischen Diplom, DE
Ting Fung Ho/ MAS, Urban Design, ETH Zurich, CH
Ting Huan Ku/ BA, Human Development, Cornell University, USA
Ting Yu Yu/ A.A., Department of Food & Beverage Management, Taipei City University of Science & Technology, TW
Tony Su/ MA, Department of Art, National Changhua University of Education, TW
Toshi Fujii, Professional Music Diploma, Berklee College of Music, USA
Tzu-Yung Tsai/ B.Des., Media Design, Tatung University, TW
Wei-Hong Chen/ MA, Chinese Literature, National Taiwan University, TW
Ying-Tsui Chiu/ Ph. D. Candidates, College of Law, National Taiwan University, TW
Ying-Ling Hung/ MA, Performance Art, National Taiwan University of Arts, TW
Ying Kai Liao/ MS, Institute of Biophysics, National Central University, TW
Yu Ding/ BS, Aviation Administration, Utah Valley University, USA
Zito Hsu/ MA, Illustration, Kingston University, UK
Zhen-Su Hou/ MLA, Landscape Architecture, Harvard University, USA
/ MS, Architecture, American Columbia University, USA