Xue Xue Institute was founded and obtained a registration certificate issued by the Taipei Education Department in July 2017. We have recruited students graduated from junior high schools (including fresh graduates), students with equivalent academic qualifications and also high school students.

Our institute focuses on the adaptive developments of students, along with providing them with the greatest support and the assistance of our outstanding teachers in the cultural and creative industries, to bring out their best in accordance with their interests and potential.

Student Selection Regulations

Prospective Students

Mainly students of 9th grade going on 10th & 11th, with interests in various fields of Art, Humanity, Culture, and Design; those who are adaptive to multiple learning approaches.

Enrollment & Assessment

First Phase: Assessment of Application Documents

◎Required Documents:

1、Enrollment Application Form


3、1 to 2 Recommendation Letter

4、3 Pieces of Works (Art, Design, Music, Literature, etc.)

5、Agreement form of Legal Representative

6、Contract of Application Document

7、Copy of School Attendance Record & Grade Certificate

8、Copy of English Proficiency Transcript

◎Extra Documents:

Certificates of Rewards from Competitions, Internship or Volunteer Experiences

Second Phase: Student and the Parents will have an Interview with the Teachers in order to know the expectations from both student and parents towards the Institute. Also, we would like to know the student’s future plan and goals.
Assessment Criterions

・Agreement of both the student and parents towards the ideas, goals and curriculums of the institute.

・Student’s interests for various and inter-disciplinary fields of art, design and liberal arts.

・Students that possess potentials for Art or Design.